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3 Key Web Development Trends In 2020

3 Key Web Development Trends In 2020 23 March 2020 / By Brijesh Singh.

Over the years, new trends and technologies have emerged within the marketplace. to remain before the competition, businesses got to specialise in rising custom web development trends, techniques, and approaches.

Here are the simplest 2020 trends as identified from our dedicated and experienced web developers at Signity Solutions.

1. Modular design and lower development costs

The modular design enables developers to make sites by reusing modules and components. the choice is to make sites using limited templates. Using a modular design, developers can dynamically visualize content with dedicated blocks. It makes development more flexible, faster, and cheaper.

It’s important to recollect, however, that the modular design of an internet page is analogous to assembling a Lego. All pieces should perfectly interlock with each other. If a three-layer module is put next to a six-layer module, the spacing in between is uneven. this will cause multi-level CSS overrides or uneven white space. As a result, your website design won't add up. Design carefully and test your sites before going live to avoid this.

2. Responsive design and the rise of mobile users

The mobile-first approach may be a result of the continued growth of mobile traffic. quite half all web traffic came from mobile devices in 2019. In fact, nearly 73% of all internet traffic is predicted to return from mobile devices by 2025. As a result, Google developed a mobile-first indexing philosophy. during this approach, Google uses the mobile version of the online site to work out the web page rank and quality.

Mobile-first design is now a requirement for gaining site traffic. Your websites should be responsive across all mobile and desktop devices. you'll use responsive images to make sure that your media automatically fits in every mobile device screen. As a result, responsive design dramatically improves the performance and user experience of the page by displaying the content in a comfortable way.

3. Chatbots and Customer Support

55% -60% of consumers appreciate chatbots for his or her instantaneity. And Gartner predicts that over 80% of customer interactions will happen without a person's on the business end by 2020. Similarly, consistent with TechEmergence, chatbots will become the amount one application for consumers across all AI integrations within the next five years.

One example is that the Amazon Echo home assistant. This conversational UI device can intelligently execute commands to shop for things on Amazon, creating a private shopping experience. By 2020, over 80% of companies are expected to implement some quite a chatbot platform.

As a result, web developers can not ignore the impact of chatbots. Having chatbots on your website provides assistance whenever needed, boosts online sales, and may solve customer queries. Building a chatbot to speak with humans and designing conversational UI may be a growing demand.

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